The Art of Brunching

Not that I am by any means a brunch expert but I consider myself well versed in the ways of brunch especially having been on both sides- guest and server. Consider these as my suggestions on how to brunch like a boss.1. Double-fisting: strongly encouraged. Brunch is for Saturdays and Sundays only. So, it's ok if you [...]

New Year, New Mantra

So, I'm sitting here at Whole Foods minding my own business and I'm watching (and judging) this girl who is silently weeping. I immediately have a number of thoughts on this.1. Having a meltdown in public in the city is not a big deal. In my hometown, if you were to display this type of [...]

Happy Almost One Year

I don't remember the last one year anniversary I celebrated. As of tomorrow, I will have been in the city for one year. Happy almost one year, New York. And what a year it's been.   I've had my wallet stolen twice.   I've lived in 3 different apartments in 3 different neighborhoods.   I've had [...]

Love Letters to the DOH

DOH= Department of HealthDear DOH,How dare you walk into the hottest new restaurant in town on a FRIDAY NIGHT and completely halt service for two hours so you can do your inspection. As if that weren't enough, you then proceed to sit down for dinner at said restaurant. Rude. Love,KelseyDear DOH,In no reality is the cuisine [...]

Let Me Count The Ways

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."I always thought this was a Shakespeare quote. Is that just me? Turns out it was penned by a woman named Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I'm really glad I decided to become an informed citizen of the world and google the origin of this quote that I [...]