Three Little Words

When things are less than ideal, my usual strategy is to satirize the situation. I laugh it off or make fun of myself until I feel better. I go through phases where I’m convinced that I exist for the sole purpose of making people laugh in a schadenfreude kind of way.

Every once in a while though, I check myself.

I stumbled upon this lovely quotation in a Pinterest frenzy post a nasty break up. My love life has mildly improved since then in case you were wondering. 

These three little words made all the difference. And they’re not the three little words of fairy tales. They’re three little words that help me cope with reality.

Because as wonderful as my friends and family and retail therapy are at making me feel better, ultimately it’s up to me.   

I have so much to be grateful and as soon as I remind myself of that, things suddenly aren’t so bad anymore.

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