Let Go or Be Dragged

What is it about certain things in our life that we just cannot let go of? Why are there certain things that we continue to carry through life way past their expiration? For me, it’s been clothes, makeup, or a man. I only recently cleaned out my cosmetic products and I have been hoarding MAC holiday palettes from 2007 for too long.

And as far as guys go…well, this may be a topic where I’ve bit off more than I want to chew right now but I will make my best attempt to sort out my thoughts.

At what point do we call it quits? Is there some magical formula that dictates the number of chances we give someone based on how much they care about us? If not, maybe that will be my contribution to the world.

I, like most women of the world, get emotionally invested in people and as this occurs, I slowly lose my rationality. When I feel myself going towards this place of insanity, I am reminded of something my dear friend, Albert Einstein, once said.

So, based on this definition, I am in fact, insane. Great.
At what point will I end this madness? I don’t know but here’s a graphic approximation.
The worst part about this cycle is that I know it’s crazy. And I know I deserve better so what is stopping me from letting go? 
let it go animated GIF
Unlike Elsa, when I have a moment of self discovery, it’s not accompanied by a Grammy Award-winning power ballad.  In fact, it’s usually accompanied by the sad realization that I have once again chosen wrong. And I hate being wrong.

The thing is though, once that realization passes and I’m standing on the other side, I realize I’m better off without that person. And I probably knew that for longer that I’d like to admit so in a twisted way, I was right.

Maybe it’s just the hopeless romantic in me, but I do believe that there is someone out there that won’t make me insane. Someone that won’t make me second guess how they feel about me with every lunar cycle. Let go or be dragged.

(The End of) A Bug’s Life

This morning began like so many others. I rolled out of bed in a daze, made a cup of coffee and moseyed on over to the bathroom to jump in the shower. You can only imagine my reaction when I pull back the shower curtain and find a MASSIVE UNIDENTIFIABLE INSECT crawling up the wall.

First of all, rude. Secondly, how the hell was I going to deal with this!? 
Cue a minor meltdown/freak out/slew of obscenities.

My initial instinct was to ignore the issue; my standard response for moments in time involving bugs of any sort. There was this time last summer where a FLYING COCKROACH was terrorizing my roommate and I in the middle of a heat wave in Kansas. Our apartment had no A/C but rather than deal with the problem, I chose to hide under the blankets and have a heat stroke. Eventually I manned up and herded the terror into the bathroom where I proceeded to smash it with a Cinderella playbill the next morning.

But I digress. 

So here I am, bleary eyed and vulnerable, face to face with this creature that gives me the jitters despite the fact that I am approximately 100 times bigger.  After maybe 10 seconds of denial/general resentment towards all vermin I was prepared for battle.
Ultimately, what choice did I have? I really needed to wash my hair so I smashed that little shit and washed it down the drain.
Needless to say, I’d make a terrible Buddhist and that was the quickest shower of my life.

Namaste, friends.