Let Go or Be Dragged

What is it about certain things in our life that we just cannot let go of? Why are there certain things that we continue to carry through life way past their expiration? For me, it’s been clothes, makeup, or a man. I only recently cleaned out my cosmetic products and I have been hoarding MAC holiday palettes from 2007 for too long.

And as far as guys go…well, this may be a topic where I’ve bit off more than I want to chew right now but I will make my best attempt to sort out my thoughts.

At what point do we call it quits? Is there some magical formula that dictates the number of chances we give someone based on how much they care about us? If not, maybe that will be my contribution to the world.

I, like most women of the world, get emotionally invested in people and as this occurs, I slowly lose my rationality. When I feel myself going towards this place of insanity, I am reminded of something my dear friend, Albert Einstein, once said.

So, based on this definition, I am in fact, insane. Great.
At what point will I end this madness? I don’t know but here’s a graphic approximation.
The worst part about this cycle is that I know it’s crazy. And I know I deserve better so what is stopping me from letting go? 
let it go animated GIF
Unlike Elsa, when I have a moment of self discovery, it’s not accompanied by a Grammy Award-winning power ballad.  In fact, it’s usually accompanied by the sad realization that I have once again chosen wrong. And I hate being wrong.

The thing is though, once that realization passes and I’m standing on the other side, I realize I’m better off without that person. And I probably knew that for longer that I’d like to admit so in a twisted way, I was right.

Maybe it’s just the hopeless romantic in me, but I do believe that there is someone out there that won’t make me insane. Someone that won’t make me second guess how they feel about me with every lunar cycle. Let go or be dragged.

One thought on “Let Go or Be Dragged

  1. I love this post, mainly because I read it and it was as if you took everything right out of my brain. I'm struggling with this right now too. Driving myself insane, not knowing when to let go, although every single freaking sign is there. Why do we do this?


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