A Perfect Night

Monday gets a bad rap and for the most part, it’s well deserved.

 But this Monday night was different. 
This Monday was brought to you by Trader Joe’s Wine Shop. I went in for like, a bottle or two, you know. I left with five. 

I was so psyched about all the money I’d just spent on a week’s worth of booze that I wasn’t thinking about the long haul home. Approximately 10 flights of stairs later, my precious cargo and I made it home.
After barging into my apartment and leaving disaster in my wake, I lit some candles, turned on my favorite Sara Bareilles playlist and decided I was going to cook dinner. I’ve been dabbling in some culinary adventures recently (shocking, I know) and I’ve discovered that the best part about cooking is sharing your food with people! I’m not trying to end world hunger or anything, I’m really just in it for the praise and validation. I also just love food-so there’s that.

So, I invited my best friend over for a romantic dinner. The occasion- a celebration of life. We don’t do this often enough. The recipe was Rachel Ray’s “You Won’t Be Single For Long” Vodka Sauce. I think that right there is freaking hysterical seeing as how I’ve been single since 2013.

But I digress.

wine + food + good company = a perfect night

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