Ghost(ing) the Musical

As technology continues to develop, I find myself in a very, very, very intense love/hate relationship with the various channels of communication including but not limited to text messages, Facebook, email, even Instagram. They're great ways to keep in touch and I use all of the above on a regular basis. I could publish a [...]

Reality Checks

We all have those moments where we feel like we are winning at life- on top of the world. All the odds seem to be in your favor and in that instant, if you were a tribute in the hunger games, you would kill that shit. You are the queen bee.However, there is always a moment [...]

This Too Shall Suck

About a week and a half ago, I experienced events/circumstances that affirmed my self-proclaimed theory that my purpose in life is to provide comic relief.It was a Saturday morning that began like any other morning. Woke up, checked my email, Facebook, Instagram and practically inactive Twitter account then sent a few unnecessary text messages to [...]