Good Morning, New York

It’s Friday morning and I just got back to the city late last night. As we were making our descent into LaGuardia, the woman next to me was asking about the best ways to get into the city. I was able to answer her with decent proficiency and she asked if I lived in New York. For the first time since moving, I answered, “Yes” with complete confidence and acceptance. I live in New York now- this is my home. Last night, I couldn’t wait to get back into the city, which is a very different sentiment than what I was sporting a few months ago.

Things I’m learning to accept in order to survive:
1. Do not settle. This goes for all facets of life- boyfriends, apartments, jobs, etc.
2. If you’re not happy, change something. I hate my restaurant job and I’m sick of complaining about it. So, I’m interviewing at five different places in the next 48 hours. Problem solved. Hopefully.
3. Take a break. *cue Philippa Soo* Buy the ticket. Get on the plane. And if something is holding you back, let that shit go.
4. Be selfish. I think everything I just listed can be summed up in that single point. Everyone else is putting themselves first so why shouldn’t I? Not to say that I suddenly become the most egocentric person in all the world but my own happiness needs to take precedence over just about everything else.

Springtime is a season of change and maybe that’s what has me all excited about New York again. I’ve also seen lots of sunshine in the past week so I may be just a little drunk off all the vitamin D but I’m feeling inspired and excited about what lies ahead.

Now, if only my suitcase would unpack itself…

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