The Most Romantic Thing

The Most Romantic Thing

Do I remember that date last November? We tried to do date night once a week. Working full-time front of house schedules didn't always allow for that. Getting the same night off was like winning the lotto, landing the jackpot. Not every date was special. Most of them were pretty ordinary. But every once in a [...]

My Stupid Heart

Look at the facts.Be logical.Listen to your parents.Be reasonable.Stop reaching out.Be sensible.It just takes time.Give yourself time.Two months into this new arrangement.I hate it more and more each day.I think about you every day.I miss you all the time.I hate everyone else.I don't want these feelings.I don't know what to do with them.I wish you [...]

Quarter Life Crisis

We need to have a talk.Stop avoiding this.Deal with it.Figure it out.What do you want?You moved here almost 3 years ago to chase a dream. And along the way you fell in love. You fell in love with a world that you didn't even realize existed and it has completely swept you off your feet.It's [...]

Morning After Musings

Where am I?Do I still have friends?How did I get home?Where are my credit cards?Wow, I took my make up off.Except there's lipstick all over the pillowcase.I'm such an asshole.Coffee or water?I'm starving.Did I eat dinner?Why am I such an idiot?Where the fuck are my cards??My roommate is going to kill me.I don't even want [...]