Morning After Musings

Where am I?
Do I still have friends?
How did I get home?
Where are my credit cards?
Wow, I took my make up off.
Except there’s lipstick all over the pillowcase.
I’m such an asshole.
Coffee or water?
I’m starving.
Did I eat dinner?
Why am I such an idiot?
Where the fuck are my cards??
My roommate is going to kill me.
I don’t even want to look at my call history.
I called 25 times.
Ok, guess I’ll just cancel all the credit cards.
Ugh, now I have to memorize a new set of 16 digits plus expiration and security code.
Can I get a new ID online?
I’ve exceeded the number of times I can apply online.
Wow, my head hurts.
Why is it so bright out.
I hate myself.
Every cab driver in the city hates me too.
Who spent $31.13 at 7-Eleven?
Cards are definitely lost.
What is this bruise?
Let me respond to these people who asked if I made it home ok.
Ugh, I must’ve been really out of it.
How did that happen??
I know exactly how it happened.
Beer and tequila.
I’m an idiot.

Seamless is the greatest gift to mankind.

I’m just going to call and apologize.
Straight to voicemail.
Did you block my number?
I guess I’ll send an email apology.
Is this stalking?
This is crazy.

But maybe I should just move to Spain.
Waking up alone sucks.
Waking up hungover and alone really sucks.
Cue the self-loathing.
At least my hair still looks good.
Fuck me.

I miss you.
All the time.
But especially this time.

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