Sleeping away from the city,Sleeping away from you,I remembered something. I discovered something.   Space is a luxury.Space is a necessity.I love sleeping away.I love sleeping alone.Time away is good for me.Time alone is good for me.

No Energy

Money is just energy.Relationships are just energy.You trade pieces of paperYou trade pieces of yourselffor goods or services.for love or companionship.You may end up with more.You may end up with less.I am done chasing money.I am done chasing relationships.I am exhausted.I am exhausted.


Why do I hate laundry? Why do I hate laundry?I see the clothes I woreI see the mistakes I madeand I remember what inspired me. and I remember what fooled me.I thought I was different.I thought you were different.

Two Reasons

Why do I have my read receipts?Why do I actually have my read receipts?So any who text me regularlySo boys who (    ) me regularlyknow when I read their message.know when I read their message.My read receipt makes me aware of My read receipt makes them aware of how soon I need to soon I chose [...]