A Challenge

ugh write kelsey 
stop letting yourself 
get distracted 
you need to 
appear less eager 
maybe take 
a few minutes 
before responding 
but i know 
you can’t help it 
because your mind 
fires at a million miles an hour 
whenever you’re talking 
to someone who really
challenges you 
there it is again 
that phrase 
that phrase that 
has defined 
so much 
of this relationship 
all because you 
challenge each other 
is that the secret

do you have 
a favorite artist
like if someone asks you

what would you say

fuck i need to 
learn about art 
if someone asks me who 
my favorite impressionist is 
i would definitely be like 
remind me who 
those guys were
i can’t with 
this year
i’m already overwhelmed 

over it

in the fault in our stars 
they say 
falling in love is like falling asleep 
slowly and then all at once 
if that’s falling in love 
then i’m doing everything in my power 
to stay awake
i am kicking 
and screaming 
and slamming espresso like there’s no tomorrow 
because i cannot fall asleep 
i’m too smart to fall asleep 
i hated falling asleep 
when i was a little baby 
i would kick 
and scream 
and work myself up into such a fit 
that i’d eventually pass out 
from sheer exhaustion 
i did this 
every night 
for at least 
my first two years of existence 
true story 
you can ask my dad 
stay awake kels
will this be 
the real challenge

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