I Can’t Sleep

Why can’t you sleep?

I can’t stop thinking.
I can’t stop thinking 
About you.
About me.
About us.
About the night we accidentally 
Stayed up all night and 
Watched the sun rise while 
Listening to the sound of the waves.

The talking.
The listening.
The smiling.
The joking.

The drinking.
The testing.
The teasing.
The toying.

The walking.
The tightening.
The softening.
The dancing.

The kissing.
The grazing.
The tingling.
The gazing.

The running.
The catching.
The pulling.
The wrapping.

The driving.
The challenging.
The attempting.
The tempting.

The igniting. 
The burning.
The deciding.
The sneaking.

The leading.
The following.
The asking.
The answering.

The exploring.
The guessing.
The allowing.
The discovering.

The giving.
The taking.
The demanding.
The reciprocating.

The begging.
The gratifying.
The pleasing.
The pleasuring.

The whispering.
The gasping.
The resisting.
The releasing.

The crashing.
The rolling.
The rising.
The falling.

The sharing.
The dreaming.
The revealing.
The imagining.

The wondering.
The questioning.
The marveling.
The bewildering.

The pining.
The craving.
The lusting.
The feening.

The missing.

No wonder you can’t sleep.

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