80 days later.

1:12AM: Hey

I deleted the number.
but I still have it memorized.

I am happy.
I am really happy.
No part of me is trying.
It feels good.

It’s happening;
what you said would happen.
You were right.

But of course.
Of course it’s now 
that you choose to reach out.
Now when I’m finding happiness
without you.
Now that it’s late enough in the night 
where you will chalk this off as a drunken mistake.

You know what I thought about tonight?
After I read your message?
Remember that time you took me to that thing?
That thing where you introduced me
as a friend.
After two years 
of crying,
of fighting,
of trying.
Some might argue that 
it was a small thing to get upset about.
But I think
of all the things that you did
that hurt me,
that ‘small thing’ was
the absolute worst
because it said to me that
you didn’t care.
Funny how in time I realized,
I was right.

You know why I thought about that today?
Because I will never let that happen again.
I will never be with someone who doesn’t
introduce me properly.

1:12AM (Him): Hey
                            *Read at 2:58am

*^ I have nothing to say to you at this time.

^Typed at 3:35am

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