Bids for My Heart

I seem to have developed a habit.It appears that when I return from any sort of tripI am a little bit in love with wherever I just left.The places I visit seem to hold on to a little piece of my heart.Most recently, I was flying back to Ohioafter spending a glorious couple of days [...]

Arachnid Crisis

I'm really trying to be at peace with myself and the world around me.Kumbaya.It seems to be going well today untilI spot a larger spider crawling along the wall of my room.Crisis.I hate spiders.I know we swallow 7 a year in our sleep but that annoyingly disturbing information doesn't help anyone.I know I am going to [...]


My parents and I were driving home from the airport this past Saturday.They were picking me up after another lovely trip to my lovely hometown. It was 80 degrees and sunny when I got on the plane.It was 30 degrees and dreary when I got off the plane.So we're driving along and they inform me thatwe [...]

Polarizing Items

1. "You are enough."Love the sense of empowerment. Hate that it leaves me alone. Also- enough is weirdly finite and I'm not explaining it properly right now.2. "It takes a village."Love the community. I understand that people want to connect and I love certain people.Hate the meteorological forecast in my current village. Sandusky is the current village and the [...]

Eat, Pray, Love?

I was recently asked if I could have my Julia Roberts Eat, Pray, Love moment where would I go?It was hard for me to answer.I was also sitting by the ocean having breakfast on a perfect spring day.I was overwhelmed.The world is so vast, how can you possibly answer a question like that on the spot?I [...]


They call it the cosmopolitan capital of France,My life has been of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe,Beauty and romance can be found in any city.the city of light,Most cities have light.the capital of fashion.Fashion is fleeting.I love the idea of Paris.Whose idea of Paris?Paris in the rain, right?The rain here is [...]

Life is Funny

I can't stop laughing.I spent all day convincing myself of somethingand then life threw a curveball.Food poisoning.What are the odds?Does laughing at the situation make me a bad person?I'm sorry our dinner plans fell through in such an unexpected mannerand I would never wish illness on anyone.Sure, part of me is disappointed because I was excitedeven though I [...]