Bids for My Heart

I seem to have developed a habit.It appears that when I return from any sort of tripI am a little bit in love with wherever I just left.The places I visit seem to hold on to a little piece of my heart.Most recently, I was flying back to Ohioafter spending a glorious couple of days [...]

Arachnid Crisis

I'm really trying to be at peace with myself and the world around me.Kumbaya.It seems to be going well today untilI spot a larger spider crawling along the wall of my room.Crisis.I hate spiders.I know we swallow 7 a year in our sleep but that annoyingly disturbing information doesn't help anyone.I know I am going to [...]


My parents and I were driving home from the airport this past Saturday.They were picking me up after another lovely trip to my lovely hometown. It was 80 degrees and sunny when I got on the plane.It was 30 degrees and dreary when I got off the plane.So we're driving along and they inform me thatwe [...]

Polarizing Items

1. "You are enough."Love the sense of empowerment. Hate that it leaves me alone. Also- enough is weirdly finite and I'm not explaining it properly right now.2. "It takes a village."Love the community. I understand that people want to connect and I love certain people.Hate the meteorological forecast in my current village. Sandusky is the current village and the [...]