Listen to Audra

I saw Audra McDonald perform
at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor.

I was a heartbroken sophomore
and she was (is) a Tony Award-winning superhero.

The things I remember most vividly are
her ardent love of Chipotle (this was before E. coli outbreaks)
and one simple phrase-
“turn the page”.

Those three words hit me so hard
they became the title of my Facebook photo album for that semester.

And now, here I am, 7 years later,
still thinking about those three words.

Turn the page.
Block the number.
Delete the thread.
Erase the voicemails.
Ignore the calls.
End the conversation.
Unfollow the account.
Unfriend the user.
Make new playlists.
Scrap the cards.
Toss the pictures.
Drink the wine.
Donate the clothes.
Buy new sheets.
Cut your hair.
Lose the weight.
Get a tattoo.
Splurge on jeans.
Run the race.
Close the door.
Change the lock.
Quit your job.
Leave the city.
Remove the option.
Eliminate the temptation.
Find the distractions.
Stop looking back.
Shift the focus.
Focus on yourself.
Take a break.
Book the flight.
Learn something new.
Keep on writing.
Read the books.
Play the piano.
Embrace the change.
Dream new dreams.
Three little words.
I want more.
Turn the goddamn page, Kels.

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