Life is Funny

I can’t stop laughing.
I spent all day convincing myself of something
and then life threw a curveball.
Food poisoning.
What are the odds?
Does laughing at the situation make me a bad person?
I’m sorry our dinner plans fell through 
in such an unexpected manner
and I would never wish illness on anyone.
Sure, part of me is disappointed 
because I was excited
even though I did my best not to be.
They say the name of the game is rolling with the punches
but I think “they” forgot to include the part where
you have to seek out the humor.
Otherwise- you’re just getting punched in the face all the time.
I loved him because he made me laugh,
which is more than I can say for other tortured souls I’ve dated.
Humor is subjective.
People change.
In the end, I guess I got 
metaphorically punched in the face
a few too many times.
It wasn’t funny anymore.
I am 100% certain of few things
but I know life is funny.
And I want a life full of laughter.

P.S. I’m over anyone who says my laugh is too loud.

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