Why is happiness so hard?
Why do I put so much pressure on happiness?
On discovering happiness?
On attaining happiness?
On cultivating happiness?
On being happy alone?

What if happiness was my natural state?
Wasn’t it like that when I was a kid?
What happened?
Life has a way of killing us, doesn’t it?
How many times have I been told, “You’re killing me.”?

Why am I ever anything but happy?
Because without pain or suffering or discomfort,
there can be no joy or bliss or happiness, right?
Is it even humanely possible to be happy all the time?
Remember learning Newton’s laws of motion?
Law #3: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
So if there’s any truth to that,
which I believe there to be,
good times ahead.

Patience would be a handy virtue right about now.
Anybody have any to spare? 

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