Clean Closure

The word “closure” gets thrown around a lot

at the end of a relationship.
When all is said and done,
everybody wants “closure”.
Here’s the thing about closure and relationships-
it’s messy.
My father is a surgeon
and a great one at that.
Recently, he told me about a simple technique he uses.
After he draws the line to mark his incision,
he draws lines that cross the incision at even marks.
The secondary lines are fondly deemed
“idiot lines”.
The “idiot lines” are his way of making sure that when he closes the incision,
the skin lines up the way it was before.
My dad’s surgical closures are so clean.
What if there were “idiot lines” for romantic relationships?
The closest thing I can think of is a pre-nuptial agreement.
No one goes into a relationship and lays groundwork for the end, right?
And sure, a pre-nup can make the end a lot simpler in terms of physical assets
but what about the emotional toll?

Clean emotional closure is a dream.
The reality is that the end of a relationship is messy
and no one can sew you back together.
In fact, once you sew yourself back together, 
you’re not even remotely close to way you were before.
And the scar may be faint but it will never disappear.

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