Note to self

Hey Kels,I know you’ve been going through a tough time.I know you thought your life was going to look a lot different at this point.And I know this is really hard for you.Do you know where you are?Take a good look.For the first time in your life,you’re smack in the middle of tension.The dip.The shit.The [...]

Sunset Miles

I went for a run this evening.Because I slept in this morning,I sat at a desk all day,I ate an entire bar of chocolate last night,and a candy bar during my lunch break,and I texted that boy backbecause he's fun.To some degree, it was a good idea.Because the sunset was beautiful,the air was refreshing,the pavement [...]

Every time

Every time

Every time he reaches out, don't forget he shut you down. Every time he makes you smile, don't forget he makes your eye twitch. Every time you miss that warm water, don't forget to take a cold shower. Every time you hear that song, don't forget you can skip it. Every time you muse over [...]

An Apology

I forgot how to play.Play became work."Success" become paramount.Everything but was "failure".Then you showed upand you made me laugh.You told me it's okto not know.But I wanted answers.I wanted facts.I wanted to get it "right".I made it "serious".I added pressure.I killed possibility.And now,I'm sorry.


People around the world really care about soccer.Football.I used to be one of those people.Well- let me be clear.I care(d) about a man(boy?)who cares about soccer.Soccer was one of the first things I quit.My future with the sport was doomed from the start.Are we laughing about that yet?People in the United States really care about baseball.The [...]

Too much

I think we should stop.I think you should leave. I want more spaceI want more timeto figure outto write outmy feelingsmy thoughts. There is too much There is too littlefor mefrom meon the line.on the page.I care too much.I edit too much.

Music is Personal

"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich NietzscheI remembernights towards the end of summer,we blast Fleetwood Mac out of big stereo speakers and dance around the coffee table while singing along at the top of our lungs.All the sliding glass doors are be open and for that momentit feels like summer will never end.We made playlists.It was my [...]


It's floating and fallingall at once.It'sstarting and stallingat the same time.It'splacation and provocationin perfect unison.It'smagical and miserablein equal amounts.I can't get a grip.I don't have the words.I hate you.JK.

Gifting Myself

I am abandoning perfectionism.I am rescuing my creativity.I gift myself permission to fall.I gift myself the chance to rise.There will be no single answer.There will be lots of bad ideas.Trust the process.You got this.