Sunset Miles

I went for a run this evening.

Because I slept in this morning,
I sat at a desk all day,
I ate an entire bar of chocolate last night,
and a candy bar during my lunch break,
and I texted that boy back
because he’s fun.

To some degree, it was a good idea.

Because the sunset was beautiful,
the air was refreshing,
the pavement was comforting,
the water was calming,
the pain was distracting
and I was feeling better.

To another degree, it was stupid idea.

Because I started off with an aggressive pace,
I forgot how buggy it gets at night,
I ate too much for dinner,
and had half a glass of cheap Pinot Grigio,
I could barely see the sidewalk,
and I wanted to vomit.

But I did it.

More likely.
Would I do it again?

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