How can I draw a mapif I'm afraid to look upat the new landscape?You can't.How do I embrace the newif I'm having troubleletting go of the old?You don't.How am I going to move forwardif I'm secretly wishingI could go back?You won't.At times like thismy mom says to me,"You know what you need to do."She's right.


Maybe we're all just trying to connect.That's why communication is such a big deal.To connect, we need to clear the way.So that ideas/ thoughts/ feelings can flow between two people freely.Clear the way of clutter.All the clutter that doesn't,jewelry,fancy dinners,expensive wine,fast cars,designer drugs,pretty faces,small talk.Take it all away and what are we left with?...hold [...]

A real mess

It started the same way all such things do. Little looks, witty remarks, a random touch. Harmless. We had it under control. We kept it in check. We committed to containing it. We played our parts perfectly. Nobody got hurt. But eventually, it became too much. We gave up. Gave in. We stopped trying. The [...]

Push It

I push myselfI push the limitsas far as I far as they let me.I never break.They stay intact.Well, I broke.Well, they broke.I didn't expect it.I didn't try to stop it.Surprise.No surprise.