I never thought of myself as a troublemaker.Trouble just seems to have a way of finding me.I never thought of myself as a rule-breaker.Rules just don't always make sense to me.And I never thought of myself as a home-wrecker.It's not wrecking if it's already falling apart.

Stop Indulging

It's an indulgence.A guilty pleasure,a dirty secret,a  temptation.Where is my self-restraint?Some self-respect,some self-regard,some self-worth.Think about the delayed consequences.See beyond the instant gratification.Indulgences are pretty distractions.Really pretty,sweet,delicious,comfortable,alluringdistractions.Stop indulging.

How It Was

It was like sleeping with somebody you used to love.Somebody you used to call home.Somebody you tried to make home.And realizing you don't know them anymore.You don't need them anymore.You don't even want them anymore.It was like that.

The Worst Icebreaker

Yesterday I went boating. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water.I love the water. Living in the city, I realized how much I missed the water because every time I flew in to West Palm, my eyes would be glued to the window so I didn't miss a second of the view [...]

By Hand

There's something about doing it by hand washing the dishes writing a letter keeping a planner that technology misses. There's something about physically touching it a book a map a face that helps me understand.


It's not about being accepted.It's about belonging.It's not about the job.It's about the calling.It's not about searching.It's about creating.It's not about waiting.It's about starting.It's not about knowing.Its about learning.It's not about the product.It's about the process.