Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm

When I first started working in the office
I thought it was kind of fun.
It was fun to play secretary.

This morning I answered the phone at work
the same way I always do.
“Britech Industries.”

That’s it.
I don’t give my name,
I don’t say good morning,
I don’t ask how I can help you.

there is a gentleman out there
who thinks I have the most beautiful voice in the world,
who absolutely loves the way I answer the phone,
and who wants to steal me away
to come work as a receptionist at his multi-million dollar business.

I couldn’t stop laughing.
Not because I was nervous or uncomfortable
but because I was actually humored.
I couldn’t believe he was serious.
I’m not trying to be good at answering the phone.
I don’t even like answering the phone
and now I’m confused as to how
someone thinks I’m so good at something
that I don’t really care about.

I hope my boss doesn’t read this.

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