Taking Inventory

It's 3pm on a Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn.If you had told me a year ago that I'd be living in Brooklyn,I might have laughed.Honestly,it's hard to say for certainbecause me a year agofeels like a completely different person.Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.It's also my brother's birthday.Everyone raise a glass to that amazing young man.I'm 26 [...]

Ready or Not

I thought that I was ready.But I'm not.I thought it would be easy.But it's not.I didn't think it'd be this hard.But it is.I didn't think it'd hurt this much.But it does.I'm not ready.But ready or not,what's done is done.

The Year of You

I wanted this year to bethe year of me.I realize now it becamethe year of you.A pretty startwith an ugly endand some volatility in between.A predictable pattern of mine.I've arrivedat the point wherenothing is left.No doubt.No question.No curiosity.No hope.No dreams.No magic.No time.I'm ready for a new year.

Be specific.

Sloppy. It was sloppy. I hate that. Same content. Different context. Changes everything. See the upside. I cut the chord of the crazy loopsthat start to turn whenever he starts creeping back into my thoughts. It doesn't matter. He didn't care. He doesn't care. He is not going to care. Let it lie. Just be done.Or at least start writing again.