I Saw You in a Dream

I saw you in a dream.
We were
in the same place
at the same time
on the same page.
It was nice.

I woke up annoyed at myself.
My curiosity
borderline obsession
with you.

You bring out
the romantic
the dreamer
the child
the crazy
in me.

It’s not good.
It’s not reciprocal.
It’s not real.
It’s make believe.
It was just a dream.

New Game

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My new game is 
how little can I care. 
For a while, I was terrible.
I cared more than I want to admit. 
You know that right?
How could you not?
Even after 
settling on
agreeing to
trying so hard to be
forcing myself to believe it was
just friends,
I cared too much. 

I hope she’s great. 
Whoever she is. 
I’m just bitter that 
she’s not me. 


We followed the rules.
I broke the rules.
But it doesn’t matter
if we followed the rules
or if I broke the rules
because there are no rules.
And now I realize,
with no rules
you get no exceptions.
And I thought this was an exception.
I thought it was something different.
Maybe something special.
But this world with no rules,
there are no exceptions.
The only rule is
no rules.
No exceptions.