Not interested.

What is it to the art of conversation that some people have so naturally?Listening.Why is it so hard to listen?Because listening is active?You're not physical moving per se but you have to tune-in.He's a great listener.I miss those conversations.The ones that keep you up all night.The intimate ones that happen in the quiet container of [...]

Rewrite the script.

I wonder if he'll text me again.I'm curious about him.Born there. Raised here.Wordly.I could reach out first.We'll see about that.I better keep my shit together.That's aggressive self-talk.At least I notice these things.And that's the first step to improving.Now re-write the script.When I see him next, I'll shine.Because I'm a goddman star.Better?


I've been thinking about you.I don't know what it is.And then I start to thinkabout where I was a year ago.Unraveling.Uprooting.Coming undone.You were there.Remember?You were great.Are great.I hope you have what you want.I hope you find what you're looking for.Because I don't know what I want.But I think I found something great.I've been thinking about [...]


Typos are a trigger.It means I didn't double check the work.I didn't take the time.I rushed.It says something about me.Depending on the context.A typo at 8am on my day offis very differentfrom any other typo.Right?Sure.We'll go with that.I'm still annoyed.And a little anxious.We're working on it.

Never Not

I may nevernot think about certain people.Certain boys. Ghosts of my pastthat I look for any excuse to let outand indulgeeven just for a second.When that song plays.Or I add it to a playlist. When that bottle of champagne appears.Or I'm in bed alone.In the times between the 'busy'.I start looking.I may never not.But I might just.