Dates = Effort

I have a date tomorrow.I'm nervous.I'm second guessing.I'm sad.I want it to be you.I hate that about you.And it's not.Thank God it's not.It's never going to be.I made certain that it'll never be.Because it's not meant to be.And I'm sad this is the way it has to be.So I'm going on a date tomorrow.Putting myself [...]

If you ever read this

If you ever read this,I want you to knowI think what you're doing is great.If you ever read this,I want to sayI think we could've done better.If you ever read this,I want you to understandit hurt me to care about you.So if you ever read this,know that I miss whatever we had.And I compare every [...]


What am I feeling?Like I'd rather be singing WICKED right now than dealing with these thoughts.Sad. Annoyed. Happy. Pathetic. Wistful. Annoyed again.Ok maybe mostly annoyed?Annoyed? Try again.Curious.

I love Facebook.

How did I get here?How in God's namedid I stumble through the Internetto wind up here.How the hell did you go from reading about non-exempt vs. exempt employees to feeling butterflies in your stomach and catching your grinning?Fuck you, Facebook.