A Manifesto for 27 'Life goes by fast. Enjoy it. Calm down. It's all funny.'  - Joan Rivers 'You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.' - Rumi 'Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted.' - John Lennon If you can't change it, you can't complain about it. Being direct is not the same [...]

A new way.

How did we get here?I think that's the worst thing about you.You were there.You heard more than I'd ever share with most.Do you ever think about me?Is it a waste of my thoughts to wonder?To muse over what your life looks like?Or the way you feel about things?Maybe.You mattered.I can't undo that.Cmd+z that.If only it were [...]

Take 3.

I don't want to be sad anymore.Why?What is going on?Maybe it's whatever is underneath the thought?That thought that surfaced yesterday.Where did that come from?I am not enough.

Take 2.

I don't want to be sad anymore.Why?What is going on?Maybe it's waiting for him to callThe waiting is hard for me.I have to give him space.A new thing I'm trying.Old thoughts fight for my attention.I am not enough.I'm doing the best I can.

Take 1.

I don't want to be sad anymore.Why am I sad?What is going on?Maybe it's being single at a time in my life where that's not in the majority anymore.The dating pool is shrinking rapidly and I'm going to die a shrew.Dear God please no.Am I really this person?Is that really it? Am I lonely?I like being [...]

Hard and Clear

One of the first inspirational quotes I found on Pinterest.Back when I was writing about another boy.Write hard and clear about what hurts.Ernest Hemingway.Simple enough.So what hurts?Where does it hurt?How does it feel?It hurts.I'm sad.I've been here before.I'm sad because I lost something.Thank you for listening.Thank you for being there.Thank you for believing me.Thank you [...]