What I know.

What I know.

My phone is constantly on 'Low Power Mode.' Really living on the edge. I feel like I got scammed into a $510 dental cleaning. Don't worry, I'm going off my worthless insurance next month. Truly living on the edge. I move really expensive wine around the world for very wealthy people. I have weird feelings [...]

What really matters.

Everything changed.Nothing stays forever.Change is growth.Growth is hard.Why do bad things happen?Why to good people?Every obstacle is there to teach us somethingso what's the lesson to be learned here?At the end of the day, no one can take awaywhat really matters.

A worn-out kind of way.

Maybe I shouldn't havewalked you homeon a wet hot summer nightafter too many drinks.But I did.Maybe I shouldn't havelet you kiss me hardon a random dark stoopin Hell's Kitchen.But I did.Because I love(d) you.In a worn-out kind of way.There's nothing left.We're tapped out.Worn down.Damaged.Used-up.Done.