What I know.

My phone is constantly on ‘Low Power Mode.’
Really living on the edge.
I feel like I got scammed into a $510 dental cleaning.
Don’t worry, I’m going off my worthless insurance next month.
Truly living on the edge.
I move really expensive wine around the world for very wealthy people.
I have weird feelings about money.
Some days it’s really fun + cool.
These days I seriously question my contribution to society.
I’m back in therapy.
Back in credit card debt.
Boys think I’m funny.
He liked me.
I’m done apologizing.
I’m learning to listen.
I’m trying to think less.
Keep things simple.
Palo santo + sage are on my list of desert island essentials.
Champagne + french fries are non-negotiable.
I read horoscopes regularly.
I still don’t meditate regularly.
I’ve been dating recently.
So much work.
I miss when it was easy.
I miss the feeling like you never want to stop.
Texting. Talking. Touching.
When it’s right, it’s easy.
It’s that feeling.
I want to take a bath in that feeling.
I don’t know how to explain it.
It’s that we could never be ‘just friends’ feeling.
I didn’t have that feeling.
That’s what I know.

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