Thank you for the hat.

So that’s the danger of typing.
I push a few buttons and all of a sudden
the whole thing I just spent however long writing is gone.
That’s wouldn’t even be possible on a typewriter.
I love technology.
It’s fine.
Just pay attention.
Don’t zone out and become unmindful.
Is that the word?
What’s the word?
What was I writing about?
This hat.
This amazing hat made by my amazing friend.
My friend who let me wear his hat home tonight
because it is too damn cold to go without.
Thank you for the hat.
I hate the cold.
I know hate is a strong word,
I’m dealing with it.
It’s nice to have a friend so close.
Although in this cold
that walk feels so far.
I’m grateful for good friends
and toe warmers.
Yes I’m wearing toe warmers.
They arrived in a package
from Amazon at work today
along with icy hot patches.
I love my job.
I love New York.
I love winter.
Repeat until true.

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