Dancing on the platform

I had a really good morning. 
I caught the sunrise. 
Can there be a golden hour in the morning too?
It was beautiful. 
My dirty, garbage-ridden neighborhood looked pretty. 
I got up early enough to get to the gym.
Even thought it was a late night. 
We were watching Madmen. 
Can you blame me?

I ran my 3 miles.
Today was day 20 of 30 that I’ve challenged myself to do. 
Even had time to fix my hair. 
Put on mascara. 
I’m starting to feel good in my skin again.
I didn’t know what I wanted to listen to for a while 
but then it came to me.
That song I like by
that band that you really turned me on to. 
I was a fan before in the way that
I knew their one single that went mainstream. 
But I did a deep dive after you. 
You know when you find the song that fits where you’re at just right?
It was one of those moments. 
Those are the ones that land in my Instagram story. 
I wonder if you’ll see it.
I know you’ve been keeping up.
I hate that I check for it.
Your attention.
I love attention.
As I’m listening to this song thinking about how much I like it,
I glance over to see what the guy standing next to me is reading
and of all things
it’s Hemingway. 
My honest reaction was a smile, a chuckle and an eye roll.
Because what are the odds?
Pretty high. 
A lot of people like Hemingway. 
Shortly after I noticed my neighbor’s subway reading material,
the train pulled into the station where I transfer. 
I walk up the stairs and put on another song by the same band.
Maybe my favorite right now.
It makes me want to dance.
I was the weird girl dancing on the platform on a Monday morning. 
I was a few minutes late for work but it’s fine. 
I had a great morning.
I was freaking dancing on the platform.

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