A bottle of Riesling in my bag

I’m contemplating taking this bottle of Riesling in my bag straight to the face. It’s been one of those nights. We spent a long time working through a project. Something that was handed to us half-baked and left to us to figure out. Not easy. And then I foolishly checked an Instagram story that I knew wasn’t going to do me any good. I was right. I spent a good part of my walk to the train consumed with thoughts about how I don’t get paid enough and how stupid it is that I’m still thinking about a boy who broke my heart 2 years ago.

I finally get to the subway station. I made it through the worst part of my long journey home and as I’m waiting for the train on the local platform, I see the express coming. I decide I’m going to catch it so I start hustling down the stairs to the middle platform. It’s a lot of effort. My bag is heavy. Wine bottles are not light. I make the train with time to spare. I realize I could’ve even taken a little more time because I could tell the guy who got on just before me would’ve held the door for me. You know when you just know? I caught his eye as the train started moving and we smiled at each other. Thanks for that. 

He got off at the next stop. I met his glance as he walked out the door and again as he was walking up the stairs while the train doors were closing. I’ll probably never see him again but I really appreciate him having my back. And just like that, New York felt a little less lonely.

Did I just have a moment with a stranger on the train? Whatever it was, it was enough to take me out of my thoughts. However, I am still thinking about this bottle of Riesling in my bag.

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