Hate this. Love that.

The work email I just sent looks funny
because I didn’t reformat the font after copy and pasting.
It looks bad.
I’m usually good about that.
I hate this.

The person I want to reach out to
who I have so many burning questions for
is the person I am not going to reach out to.
It’s hard.
Because I love answers.
I’m trying to be ok with it.
I hate this.

But at least it’s Friday.
My boss is away.
I decided I’m taking myself out.
It’s been a while.
I’m going to sit at a nice restaurant
and order whatever the fuck I want.
Because I can.
I’m excited about it.
I love that.

I put on eyeliner and nice earrings.
Washed my hair.
This is my life.
And even though there are parts that aren’t comfortable right now,
I’m allowed to enjoy the parts that make me feel good right now.
And I am.
I love that.

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