A song.

If there were a soundtrack for my life, this song would have to be on it. It takes me to a warm place. It slows my racing heart. It helps me sit with a thought for a while.

It makes me want to dance. I chase the sensations that run through my body. I breathe. I think about you and I let the tape roll.

I imagine running out in the open. I imagine the sound of waves crashing. I imagine sunshine. There’s always sunshine. I imagine smiles and laughter, smirks and giggles. I imagine the light. I imagine what that energy feels like, that spark, that feeling when your body is close to mine. I imagine what that feels like and I feel alive.

I love this feeling. Even if it’s only for this moment. I can have this moment.

I imagine how your arms would feel wrapped around me; what your hands in my hair, my head on your shoulder, my lips on your neck would feel like; what it would smell like. I wonder what you taste like. Am I a weirdo? Maybe.

Oh man I have it bad. What is this feeling? I feel like I’m glowing, floating. I want to stay with this feeling minus the back pain. But this song is over now and I have to get out of bed. It always ends too soon.

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