The light.

I love the morning.
The way the light lands.
I’m standing in the light.
I’m standing in my own light.
I’m turning up the volume on the radio inside me.
Things are moving in a different direction
but it’s happening pretty clearly.
I want him to find the light.
I could see a shadow this morning.
And I’m glad he said something.
I’m glad he sat there with my silence.
My sadness.
And didn’t say anything just to make me feel better.
He just kept telling me the truth.
The truth is the best medicine.
It’s bitter.
Like a drug.
He’s better than drugs.
I’m going to take a hot shower.
And meet my friends for brunch.
I’m going to order a burger
and a margarita
and enjoy my day off.
The sun is shining.
I’m standing in the light.
I am the light.
It’s always there.
He found the cracks.
He let it out.
It poured out for him.
That light inside me.
It doesn’t go away.

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