It’s like a break-up.

Losing a job.
It’s life-changing
in very real,
sudden ways.
Like going to check my email and not having my work account as an option.
She shut it account down yesterday.
I didn’t even get a proper last day.
No Champagne send-off.
I got a phone call.
Slightly uncomfortable.
I understand that there was no other option.
No way to save this right now.
That doesn’t make it suck less.
I cried.
It was pretty ugly.
I didn’t even try to stop it.
What’s the point?
Let it come.
Let the hurt come.
Let it out.
Things look a lot different today than they did yesterday.
Losing a job happened fast.
But it takes time to clear it out of the every day.
Like a break-up.

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