A story

I spend so much time wondering if there's a story there. If somehow amongst the scattering of my memories, I could string a story together. I want it to be beautiful and true and warm. I want it to make people think. I want them to feel when they watch it or read it. I [...]

Wrong car

I was coming out of the grocery store with a bag full of healthy things and a bag full of chocolate, when I went to unlock the car and saw another person sitting in the driver's seat. I looked up, saw him and jumped out of my skin. I was completely confused for a second.I [...]

One month

It's been one month since I left the city. I opened my planner and it was still bookmarked on the week I left. It was supposed to be a normal week.I was supposed to babysit on Saturday and go to class on Tuesday,but I got fired on Monday and drove away on Wednesday. Anything but [...]

Breaking the rules

I wonder what it is about me that is ok with breaking the rules. Disregarding them.Working around them.Not following them.I think I've always been like this.Why do I chose certain rules to break? Am I devious?It depends who you ask.Is it always the worst thing?Sometimes it's just a little push back.Sometimes it's complete obliteration. "Know [...]

Looking in the mirror

I wondered what was it about me that was so attractive to him?Was it my hair?I've said my hair is my best feature.Dark, thick, wavy and slightly unruly.Greying ever-so-quickly.It's getting long again.Was it my eyes?I never thought my eyes were anything stellarbut they always tell my truth.They give away my thoughts.Maybe only some people can [...]

A hot bath

A hot bath

I drew a hot bath tonight. One of my favorite simple pleasures. I used the last of my Epsom salt and added a few dashes of tea tree oil. So fancy. I poured myself a drink. A rye whiskey neat. The choice surprised me too but after I took that first sip, I knew it [...]

Who you are

I don't understand who you are. I'm trying. You can't say I'm not trying. Well actually, I guess you can say whatever you want. I'm saying I'm trying. I'm trying to navigate these uncomfortable situations where you make me feel like shit. Do you even realize when you're doing it? You don't want to hear [...]


I went through a bunch of old receipts in my wallet. They're all from the last few months and they all have a set of memories attached. There's one from that art museum. I lied and said I was a student. I never would've remembered that if it weren't for the receipt. It's an insignificant [...]