My dream boyfriend

It was a beautiful Sunday at the very end of summer. The weather was perfect. The world was vivid and shimmering. I laughed a lot that day. There are a lot of great moments and I would’ve forgotten about this one had he not reminded me about it. He asked me to imagine my dream boyfriend. I found myself thinking about it today.

My dream boyfriend is a chivalrous feminist. A man who holds open a door but lets me pull out my own chair. A man who isn’t intimidated by my thoughts, who listens and asks good questions. I hope he’s smarter than me but I don’t care about that as much as I used to. I care more that he makes me curious. Challenges me. I want a man who knows what he wants. I want him to be articulate and graceful. My dream boyfriend has style and taste and opinions and an infectious laugh. He loves to dance and we move well together. He knows when to slow me down and when to let me go. He’s adventurous and a little rebellious and he gets along with my parents. He’s not afraid of hurting my feelings and always tells the truth.

I can’t remember what inspired the prompt but I wonder if it it’s even worth all the thought.

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