Who you are

I don’t understand who you are. I’m trying. You can’t say I’m not trying. Well actually, I guess you can say whatever you want. I’m saying I’m trying. I’m trying to navigate these uncomfortable situations where you make me feel like shit. Do you even realize when you’re doing it? You don’t want to hear it when I say something and it feels like you won’t accept that the way I feel as valid. You can’t possibly imagine a world where my reaction is reasonable. You won’t hear any kind of criticism. It’s my fault that I just can’t deal with who you are.

I guess you don’t have to hear me out but isn’t it interesting that three women in your family all say the same thing? You can’t imagine that there’s a way to be who you are and be considerate of others? As if taking someone else’s feelings into consideration inhibits who you are? Like it’s such an inconvenience? I don’t get it.

I’m not asking you to change who you are. I’m frustrated I don’t understand who you are. That I don’t know how to be around you. That I don’t want to be around you. It makes me sad that in these moments, I just don’t want you around. You know what I’m talking about. This can’t be pleasant for you.

Be who you are just be nice.

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