A hot bath

I drew a hot bath tonight. One of my favorite simple pleasures. I used the last of my Epsom salt and added a few dashes of tea tree oil. So fancy. I poured myself a drink. A rye whiskey neat. The choice surprised me too but after I took that first sip, I knew it was the perfect drink for my mood. I lit a candle. I turned off the lights and turned on some Billie Holiday. I got stoned. And then I slipped into a hot bath.

It was amazing. Just right. The sun was setting and the way the light was streaming in through the window was beautiful. I got lost in the sound of her voice and I let my thoughts wander. I went a lot of places I can’t remember now but I remember you were there. I wondered what you’d think if you knew what I was up to. I wondered if it’s possible to be friends. It feels like it. I never thought so before but maybe now it’s different. It’s still easy but it’s not what it was.

I sat in a hot bath until the water went cold. I finished the last of my rye and wondered why I give it all so much thought.

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