Looking in the mirror

I wondered what was it about me that was so attractive to him?
Was it my hair?
I’ve said my hair is my best feature.
Dark, thick, wavy and slightly unruly.
Greying ever-so-quickly.
It’s getting long again.
Was it my eyes?
I never thought my eyes were anything stellar
but they always tell my truth.
They give away my thoughts.
Maybe only some people can see that.
Was it my body?
I’ve always loved to move my body
and I love getting lost in a rhythm
with someone who gets it.
Whatever that means.
Was it my smile?
I don’t ever want to know
how much money my parents spent at the orthodontist.
But I guess it was worth it.
I smile a lot.
Was it something else?
Something I can’t see?
Was it my mind?
My charm?
What even is that?
What was it?
I wondered what about me stood out to him.
What attracted him.
What intrigued him.

I think it was my hair.
Or maybe it was just me.


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