One month

It’s been one month since I left the city.
I opened my planner
and it was still bookmarked on the week I left.
It was supposed to be a normal week.
I was supposed to babysit on Saturday
and go to class on Tuesday,
but I got fired on Monday
and drove away on Wednesday.
Anything but normal.
This past month of my time on earth has been very weird.
I haven’t opened my planner in one month.
It’s weird to look at those dates
and think about that life
then come back to reality
only to remember
everything is so far from normal right now.
I miss having a job.
I miss my friends.
I don’t miss that apartment
and I don’t really miss that city.
I tried to love living there.
I had fleeting moments of success.
It will always be there.
I love living here.
It’s only been one month.
Time feels longer somehow.
I have fewer things to do
and more time than ever
so I guess I take more time doing things?
I’ve stopped really keeping track of time
in the way I used to.
It’s been one month of life like this.

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