A piece of

You're either a real piece of work or a real piece of shit. How's that for a piece of my mind?My wonderful mind. My revolutionary mind.Your words not mine. Life without you is a piece of (chocolate) cake.


I abandoned a conversation with someone today because his punctuation was driving me crazy. What about you??? The way he punctuated his responses annoyed me. God how ridiculous am I? This mom I babysat for did the same thing. Thank you!!!!! Nobody is that excited about anything. What a lame reason to ghost someone. What [...]

What I said

Thinking about what I saidwhen life looked and felt completely different. When the world was a different place,I said always.That's what I said.That's what I thought should be.You and me.Always.And what now?Now that what I said isn't true.What I said feels like a dream.



I walked up a mountain this morning at the ass-crack of dawn. It was still dark when I started and I could see the stars and the moon. It was as poetic as could be except for the large groups of people yick-yacking away, disturbing the early mountain-morning soundscape. But eventually I put enough distance [...]