Where are you from?

I come from a family that left a life behind,that chose to start over.A family of immigrants I come from a line of women with strong opinions.Women who get shit done,who dream,take risks,seek adventure,and speak our minds. I come from a place where the sun always shinesand the breeze always blows.A place covered in palm [...]


Actually, fuck you. It's the thing I don't say often because I was trained to be polite. But fuck you. Wow that feels good. Even if you never hear it or never read it,I really mean it.You piece of shit.You thought you'd get away with the lie.You thought I'd be complicit in the lie.You thought [...]


I'm done and I think I really mean it this time. I've given it a lot of chances and I've reframed it a lot of ways. I'm done trying to understand how your mind works and how you see the world. My world is simpler without you. And right here right now, I don't even [...]