I wonder

I wonder if you are what you were?
If you’re still who you were when I knew you.
The little that I really knew you.
I tried in my way to understand all of you
but there were parts that I just didn’t get.
So what about the parts that I did get?
The parts that I really loved.
Are those still there?
I wonder.
I think about the good parts and it makes me sad because I do miss those.
I miss when the world was a different place and I was a different person.
I know there’s no going back to it.
To the old world, to the way things were,
and I don’t want to go back to who I was
so what am I really missing?
An ideal, an old dream.
My ideals and dreams look a lot different now.
Suddenly it’s easier not to be sad anymore.
I wonder what it’ll be like when I find that feeling again.
What it’ll look like, feel like now.
I wonder because I can’t really know.

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