New York in the fall

If there were ever a time to miss New York, it's the fall. It's the most fleeting of seasons but it's the most beautiful by far. Everyone pulls out their boots and sweaters, things get cozy; the colors, the textures, the light, there's still a little warmth, and when the sun shines- it's magic. I'm [...]


Nothing like a solid dose of disappointment to force you to deal with reality. The last few weeks were fun, not knowing but hoping for the best. Ignorance can be a blissful state but now the information has presented itself and I have to make a decision and I'm bummed with what I'm working with. [...]

Go to the wood

I think of The Witch from INTO THE WOODS.Go to the wood and figure your shit out. Go to the wood and learn something you didn't know before. Go to the wood and leave something behind that isn't serving you anymore. Go to the wood and breathe the fresh air and remember what's important in [...]

How I feel it

I feel it in my gut. It's an aggressive tingling sensation. At times, it feels like that sensation could run up and out of me. I feel nauseous. My heart starts pounding, it's racing, my breath gets shallow and my mind...what happens in my mind. Time sort of slows down, the moments feel stretched out. [...]


I've always said my writing isn't for anyone, I do it for me. What is it about writing that makes it worthwhile? I never considered myself a writer. I still don't know if I'd consider myself a writer. I write but what am I writing? Is this going anywhere? These thoughts, these stories, these at [...]

Isn’t it kind of weird?

Isn't it kind of weirdthat I can write down my thoughts and someone somewhere in the worldis reading them?Isn't it kind of weird?Why do I do it?Why do people read it?Who is reading this?What's the story behind your screen?Mine's here for the world to read.What's your deal?How did you get here?Why are you here?Are you [...]

Goodbye summer

I am the last person that wants to say goodbye to summer but when I woke up this morning, there was no doubt that fall was in the air.It's not a sudden goodbye but it snowed not too far from here last night. I read about it in the paper this morning while I was [...]

Where are you from?

I come from a family that left a life behind,that chose to start over.A family of immigrants I come from a line of women with strong opinions.Women who get shit done,who dream,take risks,seek adventure,and speak our minds. I come from a place where the sun always shinesand the breeze always blows.A place covered in palm [...]


Actually, fuck you. It's the thing I don't say often because I was trained to be polite. But fuck you. Wow that feels good. Even if you never hear it or never read it,I really mean it.You piece of shit.You thought you'd get away with the lie.You thought I'd be complicit in the lie.You thought [...]