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What feels right.

What feels right.

I’ve been saying it for a few weeks now.
Something is off.
I’m asking questions.
Big picture questions.
I’m gathering information.
Weighing my options.
Asking myself.
Trusting myself.
Doubting myself.
Challenging myself.
What is the feeling.
It’s the break-up jeans feeling.
It’s showing up at your best

even if it’s hard.
It’s standing still
when you want to run.
Maybe easy is wrong.
Maybe growth is hard.
But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s right.
Trust the feeling.
I’ll know what feels right.

Hail Mary

Help me know my worth.
To define it.
To make it so clear
it’s undeniable.
You can change a life.
You can rewrite a story.
Just write a different story.
Pay attention.
Be careful.

The beach

The beach

Where do I even begin?
It reminds me of home.
Simpler times.
Days spent out in the sun.
A whole day of play.

Publix subs and Capri Suns.
I love Publix.

Sand everywhere.
It’s annoying.

It makes me happy.
The feeling of salt, sand, and sunshine.
The warm all over feeling.
A shortcut to bliss.

I love swimming.
The feeling of floating.
My hair looks better.
My body feels better.
My mind settles down.
I’m doing the best I can.
I’m fine.

That song

I heard that song at dinner last night.
Stupid song.
It’s a good song.
Thought of you for a second.
Reminded myself
that ship fucking sailed.
The thought passed.
I had a great time at dinner last night.